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How to Attract Exotic Asian Babes

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If you come to NYC, you will need to know where to find them first. NYC has a lot of places wherein the Asian females spend their time with their fellas. Try out some popular places such as Oppa, Mr Fong’s, Bangia, Anytime, Barn Jo 35, and so on. Now it is up to you whether you are coming with your wingman, entourages, or just alone. You can do a little exploration by visiting some place regularly. By chance, you will meet the same people regularly because they have the same routine as yours. Here is where your chance is good.

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The places I mentioned above is an excellent destination to find your exotic Asian babes. But that’s just a start. You will also want to know the pickup technique so that you won’t get rejected. Learn from the masters on how to court the exotic Asian babes in the place. The key here is to learn about their culture and customs. Although not all women are paying attention to their old-fashioned traditions, it will be great to know a thing or two about their culture. Even though you only learn about their general culture is enough to open a good conversation with them.


In reality courting the exotic asian babes in NYC is almost the same as when you court other girls in the city. There are some slight differences anyway. But as long as you can be yourself and show your class, no matter what type of women you’d like to approach, you will make it.


If meeting them in real life does not bring you any result, then probably your option is not there. Some people try their chances at online dating sites. You can do it too without any hassle or fuss. Many asian ladies have joined with the online dating sites to find their attractive males. You could start by joining the local dating site.

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