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If you have been looking for escort lady service in NYC, you might come across an ad with the term “Covered Full Service or CFS”. So, what does it mean anyway?

Covered Full Services or CFS as seen in the sex industry is a term to describe the escort service with sexual intercourse in which the client will be wearing a condom for safety reason. It is kind of different from any other type of escort service since the escort girl won’t be willing to have sex unless the clients wear protection.


ny bodyrubs asian outcall

The Covered Full-Service escort is usually stated in the menu of escort agency website so that you could pinpoint the specification directly. It is a good thing, though. Both you and your escort girl will be safe during the sex and it is a win-win solution.


It is important to comprehend that the condom should be worn during sexual intercourse. So, you won’t be surprised that an escort girl could refuse if you don’t wear a condom. But you don’t need to worry. You will know about this prior to sealing the deal with your attractive escort girl.

The Covered Full Service is conducted as the precautions of sexually transmitted diseases. You won’t know until it is too late to realize that someone has ever transmitted her genital herpes to you. In some severe extents, some HIV patients could also transmit it too. There’s a catch if you are looking for a girl who wants to have sex for money. As a client, you might not have the authority to check on her medical record. The best thing you’d get is the formal information from her agent. But you can’t 100% be sure about this too. That’s why Covered Full Service is a good option if you are not convinced with the Asian escort girl you’d like to invite to your room.What is my Escort Service including?


In the Covered Full-Service practice, the condom is always required for sexual intercourse. it is also up to the escort girl whether you are wearing a condom during oral sex or not, which leads us to the next term: Multiple Positions Covered Full Service.Models Gallery

Multiple Positions Covered Full Service or MPCFS is a term to describe that the escort girl will conduct multiple positions covered full service but the client is obligated to wear a condom. That means the service will provide the penetrative sex to climax in multiple positions agreed upon. Make sure to be specific when you use Covered Full Service. If you are interested in multiple positions, mentioned this keyword.Questions You Should Ask before Proceeding with Your Submissive Escort Girl

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