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Can You Hire Escort Girl without Sex?

Best Asian Escort model Manhattan NYC

Among those many questions, one of the most frequent questions asked by the escort client is “Can I hire escort girl without sex?”

If you have the same question, the answer is a big YES. Many people even hire escort girl to be their companion in a business meeting, wedding event, or other formal events. But it is important to keep in mind that even if you hire an escort girl for specific purposes, there are still boundaries to uphold. Then it leads to other questions like should you go with the full service, escorts, or body rubs?

Best Asian Escort model Manhattan NYC

If you are fond of sensual body massage, you must know how the term describes the services you will get. The similar terms arre body rubs, sensual massage, tugs, or erotic massage. Administered by the escort girl, it is actually a body massage with sensual additions performed by your masseuse. When you request this, you won’t need to go to the spa anymore to get a lady to accompany you with such service. The catch is that you may or may not be allowed to have sex with your masseuse although the masseuse can be nude to make you aroused.


if you want to do more than just sensual massage, you must emphasize the keyword “full service”. This service refers to the sensual massage which involves sex in the package. That grants you the erotic massage and sex for pleasure


Escort girls are paid by the duration they work for specific requests. You can’t find escorts in the street because the escort agency employs them. It is not the same as prostitution. You will need to call the escort agency to discuss what you require and pick the option. Certainly, you will need to make an appointment if you have specific requests.


When it comes to the sensual massage, the manhattan escort agency often refers to “full service” for erotic massage with sexual intercourse. The good thing here is that you can personalize what you want. The escort girls can give you a hand job, foot job, oral sex, as well as physical job.

Best Asian Escort model Manhattan NYC

You can do anything you want with your escort girl. But be careful when you use the female masseuse’s service. They can also offer full service as long as you’ve discussed in advance. Also, the female masseuses don’t work with an escort agency. They work for massage parlors. So, it won’t be appropriate to ask them to be your plus one at your friend’s wedding party. For the whole experience, escort services are much better.

Along with business travel industry will be more prosperous ! more guys are choosing to learn and serve play the tour guides and escorts. Tourism projects is big and attractive industry today.   During the Past few years, in the tourism industry has been emerged with a new career – escort service. Many people might confuse “escort” and “tour guides” . Some people even think that the escort is also one of the tour guides.  


We can only try to understand from the literal “escorts service” to be “with the company tour”. It Can also be understood in this way:  with an employer to reach an agreement during the escort period travel.   New York Asian Escorts AgencyWebsite offer customers such a service, it can be regarded as a promising career, but also without any description and job requirements relating to the legal provisions, its this one is generally the new type service career. Considered as independent escorts services provider.


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