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if you want to keep your fellow sex workers from turning on you, and reporting you to the owner or police, you need to behave toward them in a way that won’t make them angry or jealous of you. This means that you should practice the golden rule.

Don’t do anything to them that you wouldn’t want them to do to you. Don’t steal clients from them, don’t cheat them out of money you may or may not owe them. If you get a chance to do a two girl show, tell them if you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease so they can get a medical check-up and take care of the problem. Trust me; in this line of work, you don’t know who is doing what when they go out on a call.

If you have contacted them for a two girl show, and the client cancels, let them know that the client cancelled so they can make other plans. If you work for more than one escort service, be up front about it. The escort service owners will find out. Don’t get greedy and try to go around the service to see one of their clients on your own. If they have a policy that allows you to see their client on your own, after you pay the first or second cut to them, that’s fine.

If you and a fellow service owner agree to exchange clients rather than a cut, you should be fair with them and give them as much work as they give you, or let them know you can’t and offer to pay a cut instead. The great majority of escorts are college students and desperate housewives who are not getting the love and attention they need at home. Some escorts are criminals on probation or parole, and tons are prostitutes who find it easier to work for a service than to walk the streets.


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It has happened in the past that clients have turned in their escorts and owners in to the police because they did not get what they expected. But as Asian escorts, you have to take care of your clients, if they are spending large sums of money with us. If they feel they have been ripped off, or cheated out of time or money, they might feel it is okay to report you to the police.


That would not be wise of them, because it may backfire in their faces. By the time the cops get there, you would be long gone. The police know that they are angry because they didn’t get any sex. Be sure that you treat all clients in a fair and reasonable manner. If you think they are cheating you out of money, tell them to their face rather than trying to get even by shorting them on time. This kind of actions hurts your service.


Word of mouth is the best form of advertising in this line of work. Many escorts think their Clients are dumb, yeah right. Most Clients think escorts are dumb. Most clients want you to be as discreet as possible. They will let you know upfront. There is nothing one can do about rude behavior except to politely let the client know you will not be available for him again if he calls. If the client really wants to see you again, tell him that in the future, he must pay you something extra if he doesn’t give you notice of a cancelled appointment or if he is late.


It is good policy to always be polite to your clients even if they do behave badly, because it would be you and not them getting arrested if they really wanted to drop a dime on you. Not just you, the business as well. Clients are the one’s that are making it possible for you to make your ends meet in this line of work, so why do them wrong? Clients make your car payments, house payments and other bills; and you want to rip them off?


Not a fair game. Now you see why if they don’t feel comfortable with the escort over the phone, they will either hang up, or just lose interest in the call. Most clients are good spenders and very nice people. In this line of work you get all kinds of clients. Businessmen, judges, lawyers, cops, dope dealers etc… Life is full of fun. Sometimes you have to make those sacrifices to get what you are seeking.The Reasons to Spend Your Night with Japanese Girls in NYC


So do the clients. I say they are paying for love. Many say they are paying for a quickie. Not just that, many are just like me and you. They are lonely, divorced, and shy, single, Horney, low self esteem or just in love with you or your picture on the website. Escorts are hustlers. So are the clients. It’s a game called who is going to beat who. Escorts do what they have to do to get the clients money, and the clients do what they have to do to get what they want.


Nothing different, just wanting different things. Most clients know that many of the escorts need some kind of help. I don’t care if it is mentally, physically, financially, etc. That’s why they call the escorts. They see them as easy prey.   Escort services in New York you should choose the best institution to cooperate, so that you can get service, to avoid being deceived, is a common scam, photos and real person is different,To avoid this, choose trustworthy escort agency like New York Asian Escorts Center.    


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