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How to Flirt Your Favorite Exotic Asian Babes

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There are few things about exotic Asian babes that you cannot find in other women. And it is sometimes hard to resist to make companions with these girls simply because they are so attractive. And when you want to approach them, you might wonder what is the best way to flirt with them.

  • The key to flirting with exotic Asian babies is to avoid the racial or creepy flirting.
  • There are several lines that you won’t cross, and some precautions you need to take when flirting with your attractive exotic Asian babes.
  • Don’t guess, but ask

Did you know that guessing anything can be offensive for your exotic Asian babes? “Are you from Korea?”

“Let me guess. Are you a Korean? Or Japanese?”

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You must stop guessing about their nationality before everything goes bad. Depending on your counterparts, your attractive girl might rattle you off since she won’t give you any gift for winning. If you’re really curious about her origin, just ask. Don’t guess.


Don’t play around with their language


The exotic Asian babies should have a mother language. And similar to guessing games, making assumptions about the language is also a big turn off. If you want to make a successful flirting, learn the language seriously. Don’t dare to play around if you are not really sure. You might want to impress your counterpart with your language skill, but the exotic Asian babes do not merely mean that they have mastered certain languages. Instead, communicate as usual. After all, it will also ease you to flirt with her.


Stop bringing up the past tenses


  • You might be proud or happy to say “My previous girlfriend was Asian.”.
  • Well, to flirt with your exotic Asian babes, it is a big turn off too. After all, what was she supposed to do with the information like that?
  • I am not only talking about your previous relationship, but also about everything in your life. If your focus is to flirt with your exotic Asian babes, then don’t go outside the track.

There is nothing wrong to praise her body

The exotic Asian babes are just like other women. They love to be loved. They love to be aroused. If you like her hair, boobs, legs, and everything, you could just say so. But you will want to look at your chemistry first. If she has yet to give you a green-light to advance, you need to hold that thought for a few moments before proceeding.

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