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don’t date your asian escort after drinking

Many people say that drinking alcohol gives them courage and removes anxiety when it comes to something serious like that.

Well, it is true because we are less sober after drinking some glasses, right? However, we also become less picky when it comes to choosing our ny asian vip girls to have an intercourse with.

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Males also have less sensation in their Mr.P so that it will take more time to reach the finish line.

I know that you might still want to find the perks of having alcohol. But let me tell you brother. Drinking alcohol has more negative effects than the positif one. The dependent alcoholics have been related to some health issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, decreasing libido, and so on.

It is also categorized as risky behavior. So, if you want to be a beast tonight, drink less alcohol. People who consume alcohol in excess often end up with unhappy endings. Well, hangovers are the most common. But you won’t want to take the risks especially if you are dealing with strangers.


Drinking can make other people attractive, but not when you are on the bed. Drink a glass or two for socialization with your best friends. But then, when you go to the room with your ny asian vip, make sure you are sober.

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