It can remove the cellulite

It is not true at all. Some people made a mistake by mixing the massage therapy with their routine exercises to remove the cellulite. Exercising indeed reduces the cellulite. But not with the NYC Asian massage. Its role is to help your body to rejuvenate after a rigorous exercise activity.

You can talk about everything with your therapist

Well, of course, you can talk about everything with your therapist as long as it is related to the therapy. Beyond that, you must consider withdrawing. Your therapists won’t like it when you bring up something that out of their professional corridors.

It is a natural detoxification

Some therapists say that their massage therapy sessions can help you to flush the toxins out. Well, that’s the sign that you are dealing with the wrong therapists.

There is no exact proof that massage therapy can detoxify.

Massage is painful like hell

It is normal to feel pain when you get massaged. But if you can describe your pain in a 1-10 pain scale, it won’t exceed what you can tolerate. If it is too painful for you, you just need to let your masseuses know about it. And they will adjust their movement and pressure. Besides pain, you might feel some discomforts when getting the treatment.



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