The beauty of thailand escort girl

Thailand is a pleasant country. From the spectacular beaches of Krabi to the Phi Phi Islands, from the Grand Palace to the nightlife in Bangkok, there are so many things that make Thailand so popular among tourists. Every year millions of people visit this small country which is part of the Indonesian peninsula, in Southeast Asia.




Such is the penchant for this beauty that westerners seeking racial relations prefer to hire Thai escort girls than women from other countries.

What makes Thai women so special? They are beautiful, cheerful, petite and elegant. With long hair, beautiful skin and a warm smile, western men find it very attractive.


Most Thai women boast big figures. Thai women are slim and fit and they look beautiful. Thai girls have distinctly exotic features, with beautiful almond shapes and dark brown eyes, dark and silken hair, and perfect skin, usually light bronze in color.

Skin tone and features can vary from region to region, but most sexy Thai girls have darker and deeper skin than most European or American women. But what distinguishes Thai girls from others, even more than their flexible young bodies and charming eyes, is their friendly and open smile.



The Land of Smiles gets its name through the excited and enthusiastic smiles of the Thai girls, with so many of them willing and waiting! Most of them are hardworking and family oriented. Maybe it is in their genes, maybe their lifestyle or diet, we don’t know but you rarely see women in this part of the world exceeding the BMI scale they recommend.



What about sex with Thai escort girls?

What is it like? Thai girls are feminine and obedient, and they will expect you to be in charge in bed. They want to treat you in every possible way, but you must direct the action.

He will do whatever is asked. For example, asking for a massage is a cultural norm. Thai girls will be open and willing to massage your entire body, both before and after sex.

Don’t be shy during your sex session, ask what you want and be specific. Smile at him when he brings you to his mouth.



Nod encouraging.

Let him know how good it feels. All you have to remember during sex is that all Thai girls have been brought up to be submissive. They will not take control in the bedroom, and most of them will only lie still when you explore their bodies.

They will enjoy every minute, and they will return the fun, but you must be a man. Guide them and enjoy your love experience, it will be amazing.

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