The Tantric Asian Sensual Massage in Your Escorts

Many “massage” NYC Asian Escort service providers use the name tantric massage or sensual massage. But what is the difference between these two types of asian sensual massage? Tantric massages appear in advertisements on websites and are often associated with mystical sexual practices. There are also many who do not really know about tantric massage, instead it leads to sensual massage. So before choosing a Tantra massage, you should first ask what method is used, how to massage, and how long the massage experience for the therapist.

While sensual massage has many names such as naturist massage, prostate massage, erotic massage etc. Also sensual massage usually includes “hand relief” or “happy ending” which actually means ejaculation. The duration of the massage is usually around one to two hours.
In the massage method, sensual massage is usually a full body massage that ends with a massage on the sexual organs. Practitioners will pamper your entire body with “relaxing” massages and then give sexual massages with orgasms. This relaxing experience is usually in a comfortable and safe place that allows sexual release without a doubt.
Simple sensual massage can be a great way to safely give you the comfort and release that you are looking for in the hands of others. This method is good enough to relieve stress. Surely sensual massage does not include oral sex or penetration.
In contrast to sensual massage, traditional asian sensual massage assage requires practitioners who are trained in specialist schools to be able to bring authentic tantric practices to you. Unlike sensual massage which only takes one to two hours, tantric massage usually takes three to six hours. Practitioners will open up your energy flow, and of course this will take a while.
This makes tantric massage more than just sex, but about energy and healing. Spiritual healing and enlightenment is very pleasant in the context of tantra, because our whole body is open to experience pleasure. Tantric massage will certainly be very pleasant even though it uses a different method from sensual massage.
Maybe some people say the sensations and extraordinarily high feelings experienced during Tantric massage are similar to the same sensations using illegal drugs. This sensation is certainly much more pure and natural without side effects and paranoia because tantric massage only activates your energy flow. In addition to giving you a new experience about sexuality, tantric asian sensual massage will open the door to a new understanding of your nature as a new sexual and spiritual being.







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