Tips not to get drunk when having a party Asian girls New York

Having fun at a party with friends is indeed fun. Many good things are obtained such as reducing stress during busy days.

As well as making your day more colorful, you can laugh with friends and ask how you have been. Maybe you can tell about experiences that have been experienced for weeks or even months while not seeing friends. This will be an interesting chat of course and will be a long and exciting conversation.

In a party with Asian GFE girls New York, it is usually accompanied by food and drinks. Chat by eating delicious food or maybe this snack will make your chat last longer. Moreover, followed by a sweet drink or coffee with beautiful music. But there are also those at parties where alcohol is available so it makes you drunk and out of control. This hangover is more often in the negative direction than positive, especially if you are very drunk.

Your concentration will completely disappear. So that your party event is not disturbed, I have a way how not to get drunk when you are at the party. Here’s how:

A Understand your limits

At a party, it is not unlawful to drink alcohol. But it would be better if you want to drink, know your limit to drink alcohol by how many glasses. Only you know this limit, once you know your drinking limit. Try to watch your money because alcohol is certainly not a cheap drink. You may be strong drinking a lot of alcohol but your money is not sufficient.

This will make your party get messed up because you drink alcohol, you are drunk plus your money runs out even if you risk debt. It’s important to know your limits.

B tries to refuse

Alcohol is no secret that it can make those who drink it addicted. Therefore, try to say no, in this way even though you want to continue drinking alcohol, but you can refuse.

C Feel slowly

There is alcohol in a glass of course you don’t have to drink. You can also just inhale the aroma or drink a little slowly. In this way your mind will respond to the smell of alcohol, this will make you feel less craving to drink the alcohol. Make it as if the 1 cup is the last.

D Don’t just think about alcohol

Your focus needs to change, be aware that you are at the party. At parties, there are many things you can find, such as chatting with your friends who have not met for a long time. Or if your Asian Escorts New York don’t come, you can make new friends.


Can also be another way by shifting your focus to other foods and drinks. This way your focus will be diverted and no longer focused on alcohol.

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