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You can also use laugh emoticons like ROTFL

The second tip is expression, laugh when she writes something funny, use words like ‘you’re so cute’, ‘hehe’, or ‘haha’, the word ‘hehe’ is usually considered more flirty.

You can also use laugh emoticons like ROTFL. Flirt with him by playing with his eyes using emoticons, using a smiling face :), winking;), sticking out his tongue: p after a certain sentence.
You can also use other popular emoticons like heart <3, grin: D, or even kiss: * at the end of a conversation (if you want her to know you like her). Emoticons are fun to use to express something, but on the one hand, using them too often will impress you as immature.
The third tip is to give nicknames and compliments your duo escort provider girls. After some time chatting online with her, you can show that you think she is very special by giving her nicknames like ‘cute one’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘pretty one’, ‘cute’, etc.
Give her a special compliment or something you like about her. For example, when she makes you laugh, say that you like her sense of humor.
The last tip is to show interest in her life. One of the easiest ways to flirt with a girl in a chatroom is to make a funny joke about something on her nyc Asian Escort profile. While this is a great way to be lighthearted and fun, the two of you can also start getting to know each other casually.
By making funny jokes on the girl’s profile, it shows you have read them and noticed them.





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