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Luxury Escorts for New York Trip Service

New York Asian Escort Service

The longest history NYC Escorts is named Luxury Escorts, it was founded in 1985, and service in more than NY city area, it now service part of New J as well.

Does it grows so rapidly in the recent years?

New York Asian Escort Service


I think it depends on the quality service, the escorts service are mainly preformed by fully trained Asian  Escorts ladies, who are under 23 years old, love the job and devoted into the service. Review for Cute Asian escorts in New York Once we all friends planned for a trip. We hired three cute Asian escorts in New York. What we experienced during the trip is just able.


NYC Escort Joanna

Some kinds of real entertaining adult-fun service provided by Asian Lux escort girls with the same rate. We explored each aspects properly and at the end of trip of Manhattan and all of the Big Apple, Also We have additional enjoyable stories to share with you, so, it will no regret to choose the longest and biggest New York Asian Escort before your travelling to NYC

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