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busty asian escort nyc
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  • Height
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    113 lbs
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    36D - 26 - 36
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    GFE, Handjob, massage......

Autumn had a lot to tell us when we talked to her recently and asked her to open up for us. “I’m used to getting attention,” she explains. “When you have a body like this, you just naturally draw it. I think every woman who works as an escort, New York or otherwise, is used to getting that sort of attention. You walk into a club with your date, or into a restaurant, and you’re dressed in just this incredible outfit, and you turn heads.

You become the center of attention. It’s like being a pole dancer. You know when you’re up on that pole, you’re drawing the eyes of everyone who’s there. They’re all focused on you. They can’t get enough of you. It’s intoxicating, and it’s the kind of experience that makes you realize why some people get addicted to fame. They have to be there under that spotlight or life just feels… like it’s not worth it, you know?”

One of the things Autumn loves about being a New York Asian escort is that she gets the opportunity to blend into multiple situations in any given week. “You never know what the client is going to want you to go do with you,” she explains. “One day it’s a night on the town. It might be drinks and dancing. It might be dinner. It could even be a movie and some quiet time at home. But it could also be a social event, or a business function.

I love going to business conventions with my clients and making them look good with their coworkers and even their bosses. I like to imagine the conversations they have the next morning, when they realize what a player their co worker is. It’s such a great feeling to be able to do that.”

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 9 reviews
 by Anonymous

Autumn is casual, stunning given how little she needs to accomplish to become graceful and gorgeous. Autumn is a gorgeous woman with a son and a thin body

 by Anonymous

Without so much effort, her natural body naturally draws me to her. She is an experienced Asian escort and she understands her role very well. She's damn cool and great on bed

 by Anonymous

Her body is beautiful, as is her complexion silky smooth. She also enjoys relaxing in spas. She is extremely sexually attractive.

 by Anonymous

She naturally understand how to move her body shapes. Her butt and cute nipples is in psych with each other. She left me worried every time about how having a nice time with Autumn could happen over and over again

 by Anonymous

Autumn's beauty is intoxicating and I keep on taking her on my side for every business meeting in Manhattan. I can't wait to suck your clit again. Thanks for your time

 by Anonymous

She walked into the club as earlier discussed with her, She was beautifully dressed in a super fitted outfit and she shape is incredibly killing. I won't need to worry again when next I need an escort, this Autumn Asian escort proved me wrong.

 by Anonymous

Her name made me think how trustworthy she was in her job. She was a great sweet, simple Japanese Escort experience in NY. I'm not afraid to refer to you as a goddess.

 by Anonymous

She was able to deliver and perform to my absolute satisfaction. She's not afraid of her job and is treated like an emperor. This Asian Escort Worth is worth a million dollars.

 by Anonymous

Autumn is very natural, eloquent, beautiful, and great on the meeting and I see that Escort job is not only business for her - the meeting has a real quality, nice time spent together and no hurry feeling

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