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  • Height
  • Weight:
    106 lbs
  • Measurement:
    36D - 27 - 37
  • Service: 
    Tantric, GFE, Handjob, massage, much more ......

“One of the things you’ve got to do when you work this job is keep your body in shape,” Ruth admits. “It’s extremely important that you look as good as possible at all times. The most important thing in the world is being hot when you’re a woman. It’s the thing that gives you so much power. Think about how that works. The average woman goes through this whole process when she selects a man. She evaluates him for all kinds of factors. Is he handsome? Is he funny? Is he wealthy? Is he powerful? There’s theories about that, revolving around evolutionary psychology. They say that women always pick a man based on what he can do for her, what he can provide for her. It’s built into us to be greedy gold-diggers when it comes to our personal relationships. Can you imagine not realizing that and getting into it with a woman, only to discover she’s going to abandon you when you can no longer do things for her? I think that’s pretty rough. But it’s how things are. It’s kind of a shame, really, that it has to be that way, but it is sometimes.”

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New York Asian Luxury Escorts
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 5 reviews
 by Anonymous

Her skinny beautiful and fine body skin makes me ask for more. She understands her role and she is a professional at it. You will never regret having this Asian escort for a nightout service. She's just damn hot

 by Anonymous

Every moment spent together with this escort was in luxury. We enjoyed every single steps and night outs together. We did just like a couple and we had a pleasant time.

 by Anonymous

The way she acts makes it seem as if we've known each other for quite a while, and she is aware of the things I like. We have a good relationship and spend fun that we both take pleasure in. I'll be back soon.

 by Anonymous

Will Hire Again Next Time. What do you make Ruth ever possible? Just look at her! She has massive boobs, a small waist, and large hips, and she's the perfect hourglass shape in the perfect shape of an Asian woman! I love this woman; I can't get enough of her. When I visit NYC again, I will call her repeatedly and repeatedly to keep having intimate nights with her. Do you believe me? Wouldn't you believe that one woman can inspire the same kind of passion by just her body? You haven't had an evening with Ruth. Call up New York Asian Luxury Escorts. Make an appointment with her. You'll be sure Then you'll be calling her for your next appointment, too!

 by Anonymous

She delayed me at a spot for few hours. I had to find a restaurant before her arrival. This escort is truly hot and professional but she needs to work on her time. Thank you

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