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How to Keep Yourself Sober at A Great Party with Your Friends

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Whether you are the designated driver, or you just want to be sane enough so that you won’t spoil your secrets, you might want to be sober at the party. You can have fun without getting drunk. How would you do it? Here are some useful tips for you to consider.

Pour the drink

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You can be a bartender at the party. When you make the drinks for the party, you will talk with other people whether they are drunk or not. Did you know that everyone at the party wants to talk with the soberest person?


Keep your friends talking


The good thing about being sober is that you can have such quality time to ask some questions to your friends. Well, you know what will drunk people do. They will expose their sins and secrets. Direct the conversation back to your pals. You will hear a lot of interesting stories.


Fake it (not) until you make it


Just sip a shot or two. Then switch to gin and tonic. Fake your drunk and talk with your drunken friends. It will be fun. If you bring your video camera or use your smartphone, record your pal’s behaviors. Perhaps you and your friends will laugh at it the next day.


Eat some snacks


Eat some so that you won’t need to drink some. Take advantage of your full stomach as an excuse to avoid drinking too much alcohol. ,Your best pals should understand it (or not).


Use your story


If you are like other people who have the best pals to go party with, they won’t buy any of your excuses. But you can make up your story. Use one of the following excuses: allergic, antibiotics, sicks, sports competition, religion, parents, wife, or anything else. Just make sure that the made-up story is sensible for you. If it is sensible for you, then you will look truthful. If you look truthful, your pals will believe you and won’t force you to drink.  Alcohol is part of the party. But consider what you’ll do tomorrow when you get a heavy hangover. It won’t be good.


Blend with your friends

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Well, it’s a party! Enjoy yourself and show it. If you are at a bar or club, the music should make your body move. Take the advantage that you are fully sober and you can dance with it. Also, tag along  some friends who have things with drinks. You can pretend to use the glass while your friends take more shots without noticing that you don’t refill. It is a good trick. 

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