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Everyone has tried their hand in lottery games with the hopes of winning big. The probability of picking the winning numbers is very tempting to a lot of people. The hype of lotteries grows bigger as we approach the end of the year and the prizes are bigger than ever. This year the stakes are even higher and the lottery New York was not left behind. Some jackpots are in excess of five million US dollars. If this is not a motivation for consumers to bet, I don’t know what is. I mean can you think of what you would do with over five million dollars? It can change your life in ways that cannot even be imagined; of course, you would need to spend the money wisely.

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The New York lottery is one of the biggest lotteries in the US and was started in 1967. It is governed by the New York state gaming commission to ensure that rules and regulations are adhered to. Part of the lottery winnings goes to the state as donations. New York lotteries are subject Federal and state taxes. Currently, there are two major lotteries: jackpot games and daily games. The jackpot games are leading with a few rolling over the jackpot after they were no jackpot winners. Over three billion dollars go to education from the New York lottery every year.

The mega millions jackpot was sixty-seven million in the past week while the next week the jackpot will be seventy-six million US dollars. The highest winner of the previous draw was $2,500 out of the sixty million jackpot. That’s a sizeable bonus mostly because there hasn’t been a jackpot winner in a while so the jackpot is rolled over. Powerball has a jackpot of fifty million for this week up from the forty million jackpots last week. The highest winners were 22 players who won $100 each out of forty million. New York Lotto has a jackpot of five million nine hundred thousand US dollars while last week’s jackpot was five million six hundred thousand only.

These are the major jackpot games in New York lottery with nothing less than five million dollars. I wish those who try their hand good luck, a lot is at stake. On the daily lotteries, Pick10 has a jackpot of five hundred thousand dollars which has not changed since yesterday. The other daily lotteries like Midday Numbers and Numbers have winning draw of $500 on a daily basis. Midday Win 4 and Win 4 winners get $5,000 on a daily basis. They winnings may seem small compared to the mega jackpots but these winnings on a daily basis cumulate to a lot of money.

There is bound to be a draw around this festive season so those who play lottery New York are in for a treat. Players should be careful not to lose their savings over the coveted loot’ as January is around the corner and responsibilities will be knocking on your door soon. We will all be sitting patiently at the edge of our seats as we watch our TVs as we wait to see the weekly draws this festive season.



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