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New York Sensual korean massage guide, How to tip your Korean escort lady?

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Giving tips to people who serve you is a common practice, moreover if you are satisfied with their escort services.

Having a sensual Korean massage to accompany you is also a proper manner since she also put her best efforts to fulfill your demands. However, the practice of giving tips is not common for the eastern people.



With their high context culture, giving tips could be considered as rude behavior. It is not like they don’t want the money, but the truth, they want it to be more secretive. So, how to give a tip to your Asian escort New York lady so that she wouldn’t feel offended? Here are some tips.


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The first thing to consider is that you shouldn’t think that giving tips makes you special. Other guests would tip their escort girls, especially if the services provided are excellent. Although you are giving them tips, keep a humble attitude towards your Oriental escorts NYC. Don’t forget to bring some cash for tipping. Remember that not all places could allow you to tip with your cards. So, in case you might want to tip your escorts, you would need to bring some cash. It would be a shame if you try to tip with cards but the vendor doesn’t support the payment type.


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Sometimes, it is forbidden for some people to receive tips. This could because of their principals, beliefs, or personal reasons. You could never know for sure if the act of giving some extra money could end up offending someone instead. If you are not sure about their acceptance, you could ask them in advance. However, you need to do this discreetly to keep the situation comfortable. It is not only for private questions, but most people also prefer to receive tips secretly.

This is to avoid miscommunication and needless confrontation. What you think they’ve done for the clients, may leave a different impression. Such a thing could affect how much tipping the client would give the escorts. So, it is better to give sensual Korean massage personally rather than out in public.


Last but not least, the perception of giving money as tips is just a paradigm. Anything with the high value could be an amazing tip for Korean escorts lady. Who wouldn’t want a branded goods, or pieces of jewelry as their rewards? You could always prepare a pleasant surprise for those you think have served you well, and let them indulge themselves in enjoyment.

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