My Review of New York Pizza

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The New Yorkers takes pizza very seriously whether it is a deep dish or thin crust, simple plain or loaded with toppings, you will find everything here in this city. It has become a part of life which you can’t miss. New York serves the most delicious pizza of any city of America, and this makes it very difficult to identify the best joints when there is pizzeria on every corner. Here is a list of some of the delicious pies in town which you should definitely give a shot.

1. Sauce and Barrel.

Sauce & Barrel is a simple bar setting with sufficient space for solo dates, dinners, or boozy lunch meetings. The craft cocktail menu is very impressive. Slices are thin crust and oven-fired which is unexpected. Try the pie with candied tangerine, gorgonzola, and a sprinkling of chili flakes and you’ll be glad you did.
Address: 97 Washington Street (at Rector Street)


2. Evil Olive Pizza.

Evil Olive is in Williamsburg and it is a slice slinging sensation. This casual hip scene excels at dishing out craft thin crust pies and cold brews at a fair price. Try Brooklyn’s Besh’t with sweet and hot fennel sausage, mozzarella, and broccoli rabe or the “Buffalo New Yorker” with some bleu cheese crumbles and bits of buff-chick.Address: 198 Union Avenue (between Broadway and Montrose Avenues) in Brooklyn

3. Brooklyn Pizza Crew.

From the dough-slinging genius of Williamsburg Pizza and 310 Bowery’s “Not Detroit Style”, comes Nino Coniglio’s brand new joint. Brooklyn Pizza Crew hones in on Coniglio’s specialties, paying particular homage to pie classics (e.g. L&B’s upside down square pie, among others). The slices aren’t your average thin crust— and let’s just say that the Stuffed Artichoke Grandma Pizza is our newly-appointed winter food mascot.
Address: 758 Nostrand Avenue (between Park and Sterling Place) in Brooklyn


4. Denino’s.

Once solely a Staten Island staple, this legendary pizzeria has expanded across the Verrazano Bridge and into Manhattan’s trendy Greenwich Village. Denino’s whips up thin-crust pies with old-school vibes. Space is sparse, but sleeker than the SI original — with just enough edge to draw in the neighborhood’s fashion-forward dinner crowd.
Address: Multiple locations in Manhattan and Staten Island.


5. Prova Pizzabar.

Located in Grand Central Terminal, this new pizza bar is serving up Neapolitan-inspired square pies. If you’ve got some time to kill, grab a seat in their full dining room and enjoy your crusty, cheesy, bites with a glass of wine and some fresh sides. The real kicker? Prova offers “adult sippy cups” — so if you’ve got a train to catch, just grab your slice and vino for a gourmet dinner on-the-go. Address: 89 E. 42nd Street (at the Lower Concourse) in Grand Central Terminal


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6. Sam’s Restaurant.


Sam’s pizzeria in Brooklyn is a desirable change of pace from the bustling slice spots in Manhattan. It’s an old-school joint, that’s as informal as it’s damn delicious — serving up perfectly crispy-chewy brick oven pies with neighborhood hospitality.
Address: 238 Court Street (at Baltic Street); 718-596-3458.

7. Pizza Beach.


This isn’t your traditional NYC pizzeria — Pizza Beach is bringing cool costal California vibes cross country to the Big Apple. With bright decor and freshly creative pies (e.g. the dessert pie with mascarpone, seasonal berries, sliced almonds, honey, and a scoop of gelato), PB offers a chill change of pizza-pace.

Address: Multiple locations in Manhattan.

8. Rocky’s II.

Yes, that is penne vodka on a slice. Rocky’s II is a late night pie destination serving up a smorgasbord of pasta, pizzas, and pasta on pizzas. Try their ravioli or chicken parmigiana slices — or if you’re in the mood for something green, the Caesar salad pie is always a fine choice.
Address: 607 2nd Avenue (at E. 34th Street); 212-683-4151.

9. Margot’s.

This isn’t your classic NYC slice — Margot’s whips up a “tavern” pie with traditionally thinner crust cooked to crispy perfection. Stop by for the Margot-Rita, Funkytown, or the Sgt. Pepperoni. Don’t feel like sharing? No problem. As an owner, Adam Kuban, states: these pies are “large enough to share but small enough you could house one yourself”.
Address: 919 Fulton Street (between Clinton and Washington avenues).



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