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Following protracted deliberations, WGN America, a long-standing producer of the popular Manhattan TV series, preferred not to release the third season in February this year. Sadly, the news came two months after the last episode of season 2 was released just when the audience expected a season 3.

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Airing on Lionsgate TV, Skydance TV, and Tribune Studios, the news was received with distress by a huge number of fans, and by the critics? Well, it was a decision well pondered.


Even though the show had been around, for well close to two years, the modest rating performance was the big blow. A fact that somehow pushed for the cancellation of the popular TV series. It makes history as the first WGN America novel series to be canceled. Observers have been keen to note that, the series received a critical acclamation throughout its show time, but unfortunately lost audience gradually.


Hulu was the streaming media of the series, a right it seized from SVOD back in the summer of 2014. According to Lionsgate TV group, the key Asian Escort players Sam Shaw and Tommy Schlamme gave a remarkably potent TV series featuring lives of those engulfed in the arms’ race during the World War 2, particularly in building the Atomic Bombs.


The season 2 show worked with an erudite physicist of the University of California, Los Angeles, David Saltzberg, who was the scientific consultant and Alex Wallerstein, a science historian of nuclear weapons. Both provided details to the writers.


Manhattan TV series plot

The setting dates back to the period between 1943 and 1944, at the stint of the Manhattan Project. Historically, the project was established to produce the Atomic bombs that were used to end World War 2 by plummeting them in Japan. The series focuses on a town; the world knows little about, Los Alamos, New Mexico. A group of scientists and the federal government are the key players.


A group of scientists cloistered at Los Alamos keeps some powerful secrets from their family while the federal government tells them only what it wants to be known to them. Masterful portrayals of victories, nerve wrecking betrayals, marital strife, spying and freedom scuffles had the show very striking. In season 2, writers add more thrill to the show introducing a talented Mamie Gummer acting Women’s Army Corps member while Griffin Dunne as a newspaper reporter who finds his way into Los Alamos. Albeit, the TV show is not historically accurate, it, in fact, cites a significant number of the actual Manhattan Project aspects plus actual historical figures such as Robert Oppenheimer, a head scientist at the time. Manhattan TV series was the successor of yet another captivating original drama series Salem.


Generally speaking, Manhattan revolves around the key people behind the Atomic Bomb. For the loyal readers of the Manhattan Project and enthusiasts of Atomic science, it is a show you’ll be enthralled by when you set your eyes upon.


The big question lingering has nevertheless been on the ethical inferences of characters in the show working on a project that could have cataclysmic effects on the planet if actualized in reality for the second time in history. Even with the moral dilemmas thickening the air, it is one TV series you should create time.

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