New York City Chinese Escort Girls

Miss new york asian escort service be Miss LI from Beijing, she profile as follows:

To avoid this, choose trustworthy escort agency

To avoid this, choose trustworthy escort agency

Nickname: dance teacher VIP


live City: Beijing/, Xicheng District,

origin: Beijing

gender: female

age: 24 age

birth years: 1988-8-27

constellation: Virgin

height: 165 cm

weight: 53 kg

shape: plump

qualifications: University

marriage: unmarried

work: Professor/teachers she of

contact way: you needs login/registered to view contact way

escort type: escort

escort content: interactive escort (provides multiple select, can according to each other requirements deliberation)

escort range: Beijing Xicheng District/

charges: toll discuss

escort: question on escort language: Mandarin Beijing

escort network >> hobbies: singing k, money-making

personality types: simple, lively and lovely, gentle, comfortable mood

message: dancing teacher, Russian mixed in. High-end customers looking to make