Tracing fondue mysterious origins during Easy breaks from New York City

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As the most populous city in the United States, New York City has plenty to offer in terms of first-class restaurants, world-famous museums and far-out fashions.

castle, France

Brooklyn, or cherry blossom viewing, is a seasonal tradition in Japan. Between March and May, cherry blossom festivals occur all over the country, attracting visitors from around the world to celebrate the beauty of spring.

Hanami, sakura, cherry blossoms, Japan, spring, Hirosaki Park, festival

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Slightly more than 20 miles southeast from midtown Manhattan isRockaway Beach in the borough of Queens – a stretch of land once called the “Irish Riviera” thanks to its large Irish population. With 170 acres of sand, it is the largest urban beach in the country.

Art Macabre Drawing Salons, Cass Art, Islington, London, UK, England, Britain

A gentle green giant with crystals for eyes and a fountain for a mouth faces out from a hillside in the market town of New York City. Beneath the curtain of water is Crystal Worlds, a slightly surreal and sparkling series of art installations created by artist John Smith in 1995 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Victory crystal.



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