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What Makes Asian Escort Girls So Special? Getting Japan Party Girls Easily!

Why NYC Asian escort girls so special to me?

Back when I was a regular, I would call in an Asian girl at least once a week. Even better, I’d have her bring in a few Asian friends. It made for some of the most exotic experiences ever, and I couldn’t ever figure out why.   Then, I realized…

maybe it’s because of the frequent censoring in pornos? I watched a fair share of Asian porn over the years, and a lot of the time, their privates would get blacked out. Of course, that couldn’t be it a sexy girl I knew how to find uncensored content as well.

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So, maybe it really is just the allure of another skin color? I get aroused by the thought of an Asian American woman, but only under certain circumstances. An oriental girl, though, has soften skin and usually an approaching demeanor. I never feel like the “alpha male” but I don’t worry so much about what I do with her.  

Maybe it’s the thought of getting lost between the languages. A translation blur, all those naughty fetishes I enjoy…all of a sudden, aren’t nearly as embarrassing?  

Whatever it is, I can’t tell you for sure, but I know I will always have a secret little addiction for Asian girls. And there won’t ever be one in particular that sticks out, most of them could get it

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Getting Japan Party Girls Easily!


Tokyo, Japan has been famous for being such a huge city and filled with a ton of beautiful Japan party girls.  However, there is a paradigm that Japanese girls wouldn’t open themselves to foreigners. It is also proven that most foreigners couldn’t get themselves Japanese girls as a companion. There are some secrets that could help you enjoy your party night with the famous beautiful Tokyo Party Girls. Here in this article, we will share some tips to give you the best party experience in Tokyo. Hopefully, you would be able to Japanese girl companion more easily and make unforgettable memories


To start off easily, you should first head to Roppongi district. This area is one of the best spots for beginners, especially if you are still trying to find your way around Tokyo. In this area, you could find a lot of Japanese girls who know English, more than in any other district. With their English skills, it should be less problem for you to communicate with the local girls. There aren’t too many good looking girls here, but it is a good place to start looking for japan party girls. Keep in mind that Roppongi is a popular tourist spot, so there must be some tourist traps there.


There are some clubs that are worth mentioning because of their friendliness to foreigners. If you have quite high expendable funds, it would be recommended to have a quality time at V2 Club. This club has quite a high budget rate compared to the other clubs but you would get better japan party girl experience here. The scene inside is very Japanese-like and there are a lot of young professional girls gathering here. If you want to hook up, you should wait until 4-5AM. This is the normal hour of now wave of girls to come there, they who have just finished their work come to the party. You can enjoy decent choices of alcohol, hook up with some chicks and spend a quality night.


There are also clubs that allow you to party with a low budget such as the Jumanji and Greenland. These two places are budget-friendly and that is the best part because you could party all night with a pretty low budget. Asia has pretty much different culture than America, so you should use a different approach. Don’t be too straightforward and be a little discreet instead. Just take your time and eventually the girls would be coming to you.


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