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Why japanese girls are more attractive ?

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All types of girls in this world are uniquely attractive and charming in their own way, and in reality there is no type of girl who is better than the others.

However, it is true that some men have preferences for certain types of girls and some types of girls seem to be especially admired by more men than other men. One type of girl who is widely heralded as being very attractive for example is a girl from Japan, and there are many things that make her attractive to many men.


This can be frustrating or confusing for those who do not share the oriental appearance of Japanese girls and can make them wonder what makes Japanese girl look very beautiful. Here we will see what makes Japanese girls attractive to many men. Of course if you are Japanese, this will all be old news to you, but it’s still a good encouragement for your self-esteem.

Commensurate with Japanese femininity, the main goal for a girl in Japan is to be “kawaii” (cute). Culture is the main factor; However, genetics also play a role. Japanese girls naturally have delicate features: round cheekbones, small plane noses, and unwanted skin. Go to the beach in Japan and you will see most girls do everything in their power to avoid even mild sunbathing. Hats and SPF 500 sunscreen abound because they really refuse to turn brown.



They want to look young and cute like Hello Kitty and many do very well. There are people who aspire to be sexy and not funny; However, I would say it is a small minority in Japan.

Whether it is healthy fish and rice-based food or overly social pressure to stay slim, Japanese Escorts girls do look slimmer than most Western girls. Slim is tragically more attractive than fat in the world we live in. However, staying slim certainly helps maintain a longer-lasting youthful appearance. Compared to other countries in western, I rarely see people who are overweight in Japan, and people who appreciate their slim and healthy appearance produce some beautiful girls.



I don’t know the exact reason, but Japanese girls like to show off their legs. Maybe because they can. Even in the middle of winter, I see young girls wearing the shortest miniskirts. They want attention, and of course get my attention.

Many Japanese girls are very enthusiastic and jolly. Cheerfulness like this is contagious. There’s also a rumour among men whether it is correct or not, that Japanese women are particularly ‘giving’ in the bedroom and that of course makes them attractive.

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