You must wear a condom for both security

Using a condom is not a must. It is an agreement and awareness between each partner. However, if you are still confused about whether to use a condom or not, here are some of the benefits you can get from using a condom.

1. Extend the duration of intimate contact

Protection is important, but satisfaction is also important. Although some say that condoms reduce pleasure, some claim that condoms can help improve the quality of sex because they can prolong the duration of intercourse. You can also use condoms for oral, anal, and vaginal sex. By using a condom, partners can have sex without worrying about pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Maintain an erection and prevent injury

Condoms are also useful for men who have erectile difficulties. By using a condom, an erection can be maintained longer. Many condoms make the risk of injury during intercourse very low.

3. Maintain cleanliness

Using a condom means maintaining cleanliness during sex. Most people are not aware of the condition of their bodies and at any time an infectious disease can catch them. Using a condom ensures that you have clean sex with your best escort service and prevents transmission of the disease.

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