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Must You Wear a Condom during best escort service?

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When you are doing an intercourse with your best escort service, should you wear a condom?

Many men are reluctant to use condoms during sex because they are believed to reduce pleasure. Various reasons make people lazy to use condoms. Some men are reluctant to use condoms because they think they can reduce the sensation and hassle of using them.


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While many women are still not used to and are shy about asking their partners to use condoms. While there are many pros and cons to using a condom, here are some of the benefits of using a condom during sex.

1. To control birth rates so that they can avoid unwanted pregnancy.


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Condoms are a method of contraception or birth control, they can even be used for sterilization. People can get condoms easily and have an effectiveness rate of almost 100 percent.


2. To protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections.


Many infectious diseases can be spread through sexual contact. Using a condom during sexual intercourse is the easiest and most effective preventive method. The price is cheap compared to treatment if you are infected with venereal disease. Well, you can afford to hire the best escort service, why not go the extra mile to protect your body?


3. As additional protection or backup from other methods of pregnancy prevention.

There is much prevention of pregnancy, for example using contraceptives in women or taking contraceptive pills. Condoms are protective equipment that you can get and use easily.

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