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New York City

my first trip to new york city with escorts

Although my life in the United States had been more than half a year, but my stay in a place no more than New York life, but until the holiday was only recently able to go to New York. Or do you want to see the world famous metropolises to see if life there and the people there are, secondly, also want a break for themselves, relax long stretched nerves. From Philadelphia’s “Chinatown”, get on a Chinese car companies operating the bus, went to New York.

Philadelphia’s “Chinatown,” there are many Chinese automobile companies operating in the bus, often from a city’s “Chinatown” to another “Chinatown”, while fares are relatively cheap. The facilitate of pockets are not very well off people, on the other hand, nature also facilitates in the United States many not literate in English, Chinese, could be free in a few “Chinatown” traveled between.]]>

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