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The Unwritten Rules of Complimenting Your Asian GFE NY

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Perhaps you have heard about a tip from your friend or family “Don’t compliment your girl or she will be off”. some of them can be true if you wrongly compliment her. Many people have failed simply because they have no idea about the rules to keep them on the right track.
Compliments are the great thing. But it is not a science. It is more an art which everyone has different ways to aspire to. There are some unwritten rules that not many people know. And we are going to share them all with you on this occasion. So, buckle up, and be awesome!


Mind about the context

Complimenting asian escort gfe NYC out of context will be the failure for you. When you are planning to compliment a particular girl, you need to understand the context of your conversation first. There is no exact formula to do this. But it is more like being yourself than forcing yourself to “look” better. you need to understand the condition and situation before proceeding.


the meaning of the compliment


Before saying out loud, you need to think first if the compliment is specific and relevant. Chances are your asian girlfriend has already heard the word “hot” or “sexy” too many times from your fellow men. And if we are going to bet, most of them were failing. The good compliments should mean something. It should be true so that you can relate your compliment with her. If not, it will be just considered as a “zero” effort.


Don’t lie


The next fail-proof rule you need to obey is to be genuine when complimenting a girl. So, you will want to weigh your compliment whether it is genuine or not. The fake compliment won’t stand a chance. It will build a bad rep around you. And your “victim” will only consider you as a cheesy guy.

The great compliment should be genuine so that the recipients will be able to feel it that it is “real”.


The qualification of the compliment


If a “thing” is not qualified for being complimented, then it should be at bay. Don’t bring up something that is not worth complimenting because most girls will agree with you. And when you bring that up, they will know that you’ve just made that up. Your compliment will turn out to be bogus stuff. To prevent something bad from happening, you need to set the standards of the qualification. If you have no idea, you could consult with your female friends. They will gladly help you.



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